Company Profile

China Fujian Anxi Shuguang Mining & Machinery Co.,Ltd,"China SG Tyre Protection Chains",is a china manufacturer which established at 1993.Our factory specializes in mining machinery research, layout, product, sale, import & export,Etc.

Our main product are Tyre protection chains, Snow Chains, Rock drill, Bucket tips,Undercarriage parts,steel track link chains,bucket of excavator and other mining machinery.

Our products are sold all over the world, to South Africa, Australia, Zambia, Algeria, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Columbia, Canada, United States, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, and many more. And of course including our country (China mainland).

Our products are working at open pit mining, hot slag, marble and granite quarry, tunneling, scrap handling, underground mining, and so on.

We help our customer analyze his wheel machinery working conditions and suggest how to solve tyre wear problems ,We make recommendations about which type tyre chains will best fit there business.

We supply fitted tyre chains to them, and complete instructions on how to properly install the tyre chains. After that we will training their worker how to properly maintain the chains for longest duty cycles.

Our factory promise only the highest quality products, rapid delivery times and the longest working life of tyre protection chains on the market.

We have a large variety of types and sizes of tyre chains and spares in stock. We can also custom build to your specifications.we supply 24 hours.

We welcome contact with you and we will help you with the best possible products and outstanding service.